Why we’re here:

Find Out What the Watchtower Doesn’t Want You to Know!!! Jehovah’s Witnesses live in their own little world, thinking that their’s is the center of the universe. What their leaders package as “The TRUTH” is in reality based on half-truths and outright deception. Determine for yourself the facts…they are out there if you are willing to search! The Watchtower warns it’s members against reading “apostate” material on this and other sites…for good reason. They know that once one is exposed to the Truth about the Governing Body, their mind will no longer be chained to Brooklyn, NY and leaving them free to escape the gravity of Planet Watchtower!

This site is dedicated to:

  1. Providing resources to help those who are struggling to get off “Planet Watchtower”
  2. Providing information for individuals who have friends or relatives who have been attracted to “Planet Watchtower”
  3. Providing links to other ex-JW web sites.

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